We are sharing this video we made for La Red Hispana, which is part of an awareness-raising campaign, encouraging the viewers to vote.

The main challenge at the time of creating this video, was to find the way to capture the viewer’s attention appealing to their Latino identity, using colours, everyday life scenes and a little bit of humor; and at the same time maintain the seriousness and importance of the message.

Samsa videos, Octubre 2020

Client: La Red Hispana
Animation Studio: Samsa
Creative Direction: Juanda Zuluaga
Production: Francisco Gilges
Art Direction: Geraldin Vergara
Illustration: Geraldin Vergara, Azul Laranga, Florencia Velazquez
Motion: Octoon, Gino Lloreda, Florencia Quercia, Carlos Sandoval, Mauricio Palacios, Azul Laranga, Juanda Zuluaga

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